2-Man Team Match Play


Murphy Creek Golf Course


Saddle Rock Golf Course

Registration Opens May 7, 2022

Matches can start effective

May 29, 2022



Dates each round is to be completed by:

Round 1                June 26, 2022

Round 2                 July 24, 2022

Round 3            August 28, 2022

Round 4      September 25, 2022


Entry Fee:  $50 per team. The fee must be paid when registering for the event, one player registers both members of thier team. No Individual signups. The entry fees paid will make up the total prize fund for the tournament and all flights.


Format:   2-Man Team Match Play

  • Flights will be formed by the Team’s USGA combined LI as of May 22, 2022. 
  • Backets will be posted by May 29, 2022
  • All Matches can be played at either Saddle Rock or Murphy Creek - mutually agreed on by both teams.
  • Matches CANNOT be played during another regular Men's Club tournament.
  • The Team that wins four matches in each flight will be declared the winner of their flight.



  • Handicap will be calculated using a player's Lowest Index (LI) for the last 12 months (or a reduction thereof). A player's LI can be found online at www.ghin.com and running a handicap lookup for each player.
  • All matches will be contested under match play rules.

  • A team of 2 players from each flight will play the opponent’s team of 2 players from the same flight in a net four-ball match (better-ball of partners).

  • Convert the players LI's to course handicap (see Handicap Calculation Charts tabs). In the four-ball match, the player with the lowest course handicap will play at scratch and each of the other three players in the group will receive the difference in strokes. The reduced strokes will fall on the lowest handicap holes indicated on the scorecard. e.g. Player A's handicap is 5, Player B's is 7, Player C's is 8 and Player D's is 14.  Player A will play scratch, player B will receive 2 strokes, player C will receive 3 strokes and player D will receive 9 strokes.


Tees:       @ Murphy Creek                                                 @Saddle Rock

 Flight          1           Blue Markers                         Flight       1               Black Markers

 Flight          2           White Markers                       Flight       2               Blue Markers

 Flight          3           Gold Markers                         Flight       3               White Markers



Tournament Directions:

Playoff Procedure: (in the event of a tie)


  • Since the courses have generally been booked for the entire day, it will be difficult to go back on the course to have a playoff.
  • Before teeing off, both Teams MUST agree to a playoff procedure – putt off, chip off, score on hardest handicap hole, coin flip, etc.


  • All Matches MUST be completed by the indicated deadlines – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to schedule your match. As soon as you know who your next opponent is contact them, DO NOT wait for them to contact you.



  • Once the match has been completed contact Tom Olson with the results.
  • Post your score. If you are conceded a hole or you pick up, you still need to post your score for the round. For holes conceded or you pick up you record the score for that hole that you most likely would have made had you completed the hole.


Team Match Play Results will be posted on the Website


DO NOT wait to contact your opponents. As soon as you know who your opponents are contact them don't wait for them to contact you. Any matches not completed by the deadline date for that round, both teams will be DQ'd. If you and your opponent can't agree on date to play 18 hole match, both can decide the winning team of the match by flipping a coin, a putt off, play 2 sets of 9 holes, etc.