Individual Match Play 2022


Each Round MUST be Completed by:

Round 1                  June 26, 2022

Round 2                   July 24, 2022

Round 3              August 28, 2022

Round 4        September 25, 2022


Format:   Individual Match Play

  • All rounds can be played at either Saddle Rock or Murphy Creek - agreed on by both players.
  • Matches CANNOT be played during another regular Men's Club tournament.
  • The Player that wins four matches in each flight will be declared the winner of their flight.                                                                                                      

Prize Fund: Estimated Prizes

  • First Place $250 - Winner of each flight (Winner of four rounds)
  • Second Place $180 - Lost in the Final Match of each flight (Winner of three rounds)
  • Third Place  $110 - Each for the two that lost in the Semi-Final match each flight (Winners of two rounds)  
  • 1st Round Winners - $50 (Excluding Players with a Bye)



  • Flights 1 & 6 will be played as a Net-Event for the season (at 80% of course handicap). Due to the index spread of over 5 points in these two flights they will be play as a Net-Event for the season.  
    • Net-Event Flights, the handicap used for a match will wheel off the player with the lowest handicap. The player with the lowest handicap will play scratch, the player with the highest handicap will receive the difference between the handicaps. e.g. John’s handicap is 1, Joe’s handicap is 8. John will play scratch and Joe will receive pops/handicap strokes on the hardest 6 holes. (8 less 1 = 7, 80% of 7 is 5.6 rounded to whole number 6)
  • Flights 2-3-4-5 will be played as a Gross-Event (no handicap).


Tees:       @ Murphy Creek                                                 @Saddle Rock

 Flights 1 and 2         Blue Markers                         Flights 1 and 2          Black Markers

 Flights 3 and 4         White Markers                       Flights 3 and 4          Blue Markers

 Flights 5 and 6         Yellow Markers                      Flights 5 and 6          White Marker



Tournament Directions:

Playoff Procedure: (in the event of a tie) 

  • Since the courses are generally booked for the entire day, it will be difficult to go back on the course to have a playoff.
  • Before teeing off, both players MUST agree to a playoff procedure – putt off, chip off, score on hardest handicap hole, coin flip, etc.
  • All Matches MUST be completed by the indicated deadlines – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to schedule your match. As soon as you know who your next opponent is contact them, DO NOT wait for them to contact you.                                 



  • Once the match has been completed contact Tom Olson with the results.
  • Post your score. If you are conceded a hole or you pick up, you still need to post your score for the round. For holes conceded or you pick up record the score for that hole that you most likely would have made had you completed the hole.