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On joining the club, each member voluntarily submits to acceptable standards of behavior and ethical conduct.


  1. Members are under an obligation to avoid acts that are unsporting or discredit the game or our club.
  2. The Board of Directors has the power to take any disciplinary action against:
    • Any member who whilst within the precincts of the club house or on the golf course engages in conduct that is detrimental to the spirit of the game or general behavior that is deemed to be unacceptable.
    • Any member who at any time physically abuses any opponent or other person within the precincts of the course or clubhouse.
    • Any member who commits a criminal offence against the Club or its members, e.g. assault, damage or theft of Club/member’s property.           
    • Any members who unreasonably uses profane or abusive language, throws, or breaks clubs, or willfully damages any portion of the golf course in any way.
    • Any member who acts in such a way that brings discredit to the Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men’s Club or the game of golf in general, either within the confines of the golf club, or while representing the golf club at other courses or in any open public forums.
    • Any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation is regarded as unacceptable behavior.
    • Any member who fails to ensure that their guest(s) comply with the Club’s Code of Conduct.


Any such violations of the Code of Conduct, if successfully pursued may attract penalties ranging from reprimand, suspension of playing rights or expulsion from the club as determined by the Board of Directors as recommended by Delegated Representatives serving on a Discipline Committee.

This Code of Conduct is derived from the Board of Directors of Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men’s Club, January 2022.


As a condition of Membership, I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct of Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men’s Club.