Registration Form and Membership Information


Welcome to the 2022 Saddle Rock-Murphy Creek Men’s Club


The 2022 tournament schedule includes 14 tournaments from April to September.  These tournaments feature a variety of team and individual formats including 4-Man 1 Net/1 Gross, 2-Man Better Balls, Match Play, Individual Low Gross and Low Net stroke play, and the two day Club Championship.  


New this year is the Tuesday Night 9-Hole League that will begin on May 3rd, with 22 dates, finishing in September.  In addition to various tournament formats we will also have optional low gross and low net skins games.


The membership fee for 2022 is $275


Membership includes:


  • USGA Handicap and CGA membership.
  • Prize money for all tournaments.
  • Entry into the Hole-in-One pot. The Hole-in-One pot is $750.00. Should any member make a Hole-in-One while playing in a weekend event or during Tuesday Night League play, they will win the entire pot.  If more than one Hole-in-One is made during the year, the pot will be split equally.  Payment will be made after the last Tournament date.
  • Invitation to the weekly Tuesday Night League throughout the summer.
  • Chance to participate in the CGA Interclub competition.


All 2021 handicaps will be made inactive on March 15, 2022 unless your 2022 dues have been paid.  Handicaps will be reactivated only after your 2022 application is received and all dues are paid.  The GHIN system opens for posting scores on March 15th.


Each tournament you will be required to pay greens fees in advance and also have the option to enter into the skins game.  Browse the website or contact any of the board members if you have any questions.


Registration Instructions


Step 1. Click on New Registration


Step 2. If you are a Returning Member select 2022 Current Member Registration.

            If you are a New Member, please select 2022 New Member Registration. 


Step 3. Fill out the current registration form.

    If you are a new member and have a current GHIN number, please add that information.

    If you are a new member without a GHIN number, please leave it blank and we will send you a GHIN number          within 10 days of registering. 


Step 4. Enter your credit/debit card to complete the registration. (required)


Step 5. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation. Please print this and keep on hand.


Please Contact President SR-MC Men's Club for any questions.